An Open Letter to Bridget Anne Kelly: Help us with Our Leadership Deficit

Bridget Anne Kelly

Bridget Anne Kelly

Dear Bridget,

You have been described as professional, friendly and nice; a supportive, caring mother of four children who has a just value system.  So I have to ask myself:  Where did a young, beautiful, smart mother who had so much going for her lose her moral accountability? 

You were on a fast track, in a position that could have potentially led to a nice position in the White House.

When and why did you lose your moral compass?

Did anyone who made these decisions think about the outcome of the action?  What if it was your children on the school bus for hours?  What if you were the one that called 911 because you thought your child was missing?  What if you were the one whose mother went into cardiac arrest and you were waiting and waiting for help to show up?  How would it feel if you were in these people’s shoes?

This is what the empathy deficit is about.

We have so many questions to help us understand and make any sense out of what happened.  Did you believe this is what the Governor wanted?  Is this the path you felt you must take when you enter politics?  Did you just let the power get to your head?

As the “Bridgegate” story unfolded, I could not help but wonder how all of this came to head.  I cannot imagine the pit in your stomach and the disappointment you must feel right now.

There is hope.  You are given the gift of a new opportunity and a fresh start. There is so much we can learn from you.

Help us understand where moral accountability breaks down so that we can influence our children to make better choices.

Teach children about obstacles that get the way to being a great follower.  Help us with our ability to say no to the wrong things and yes to the right things.

Make a difference by role modeling how to take accountability and turn a bad situation into a positive experience for our future leaders.


Life is like a game of cards, it is time to trump the ace. 


April Lara



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