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April Lara

April Lara

Welcome to Life Journey Mentors!

If you are looking for ways to bring out the best in teens, you are in the right place.

Allow me to tell you why.  I was inspired to make a career change when corporate America no longer seemed a good fit.  Exploring my own passions of wanting to inspire youth, I soon found myself as a CEO for a youth program that influenced over 2000 teens from the Chicago Public Schools to take the lead on making a difference in their own lives.

 (Read more about how I discovered my passion here).

As part of an 8-week program, teens were guided by facilitators who focused on building self-awareness, identifying values, treating others with respect and making positive choices.  During my four year tenure, I witnessed a transformation in participant’s attitude and behavior when they were shown and taught these skills. Students started working harder at school and in relationships because there were getting clearer about who they were and how this made a positive contribution in their families and communities.  They understood the positive impact it would have on their future and in the world.

Parents who were seeing positive changes in their child like grades improving, a greater sense of urgency, and most importantly, having more meaningful conversations with their child at home were continually asking me why this was not part of the regular school curriculum. 

After four years of this fulfilling work I knew it was time to get these lessons into the hands of people who have a passion to inspire youth.


If we do not help youth believe in their own potential what will happen to their future – or our future.


Now, I educate others on how to take the lead on their own lives using the 5 universal attributes of our great leaders: Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chavez. The 5 attributes purpose, integrity, connection, persistence and inspired action include the same important learning that was changing teen lives in the school program I directed and helped develop.

My book, soon to be available:  Just Lead:  Discovering the 5 Universal Attributes of Great Leaders is for anyone who wants to inspire teens to discover and believe in their potential. 

Readers will learn how our great leaders were able to overcome their troubles and lead many through the most trying times. Teens will see that no matter what their circumstances, there are many similarities between them and the Great Leaders. They will have the opportunity to explore and discover their own passions and learn the life skills to become productive, fulfilled adults no matter what they choose to do.

What you can do today


My personal thanks for being here today.  I am grateful you are here.  Let’s make a difference together.









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