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    What Great Leader Do You Take After?

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Meet April Lara

Meet April Lara

I educate teens, parents, teachers, and counselors about what it takes to be a great leader so that they can make a positive contribution in their families, schools, communities and the world.

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Our tips, tools and success strategies will support you in helping youth master their leadership potential.


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  • Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    I was eight years old when Martin Luther King Jr. died.  I remember being off school the day of his funeral.  I knew he was an important figure and a well known man.  I remember there was a lot of controversy and fear around him, too.  As I grew older I had a greater appreciation for his role […]
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  • Ray and Janay Rice: Saved by the Elevator

    So much can happen in six months.  I have always had this philosophy.  Six months from now, your life can be completely different – totally unknown – and quite unexpected.  It may be good or bad, let’s say life is purposeful. Just ask Ray and Janay Rice.  It wasn’t long ago Janay was getting married […]
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  • An Open Letter to Bridget Anne Kelly: Help us with Our Leadership Deficit

    Bridget Anne Kelly Dear Bridget, You have been described as professional, friendly and nice; a supportive, caring mother of four children who has a just value system.  So I have to ask myself:  Where did a young, beautiful, smart mother who had so much going for her lose her moral accountability?  You were on a […]
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  • Help for Miss Florida: A Final Question Solution

    I have to confess:  I love watching the beauty pageants!  The beauty!  The glamour!  I have been watching the pageants since I was a young girl –a TV highlight in my home.  How pageants have evolved from big hair and similarity to natural beauty and diversity. I appreciate the hard work and dedication to takes to […]
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  • It’s not about Miley! It’s about our daughters!

    Many saw the letter to Miley that went viral with hopes of inspiring her to change behavior.  Once I watched her original “We Can’t Stop” music video, I was not as surprised by the performance.  Miley’s display at the VMA’s was not all that different from the music video.    We are all waiting to hear […]
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